“I have everything … one sheet from ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTER and a complete set of STAR WARS action figures. SO … WHY CAN’T I GET THE GIRL?”

The main character (Nick) , a hopeless middle-aged romantic, is a collector of vintage toys and rare “horror movie” memorabilia. He makes a living selling film footage to a tabloid magazine of movie actresses that some time in their past appeared in a tantalizing scene in some old forgotten film. He lives in his own world of fantasy and can not really function in the real world. He is very polite, a romantic individual living in the wrong century, living with his mother, surrounded by hundreds of toys and movie posters. In fact, his life is collecting movie memorabilia. He is fascinated by beautiful women but he is unable to connect with them as a normal man would. Despite the fact that he had a very sheltered youth, he really spends a lot of time surrounded by very sleazy characters, some of them, also collectors. When you read the script, you will understand how dysfunctional he is. The only way he knows to get female attention is to impress them with the fact that he can get them a photo layout in some science fiction publication and some of the women fall for it. He is really a contradiction; he is a gentleman and a sleazy person. His lust for rare collectibles fades when a gorgeous girl that appears to be the wholesome All-American accidentally collides into him with her bicycle and after apologizing very quickly she moves on. Unable to forget her, Nick embarks on an urban odyssey trying to find her. When he finds her, he then reverts to the only way he knows to interact with a girl; going through all kinds of shenanigans to get her interested in him.

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Film and Video Masters Series, Global Village Communications
Frank Kemp’s film titled “The Making of a Public Service Announcement” documents the steps that four time Emmy Award Winner producer/director Charles Roggero goes through to create and produce the films.

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“In his creative productions, four time Emmy Award Winner, producer/director Charles Roggero uses imaginative techniques to illustrate key copy points about subjects that may not be sexy or even interesting to the average person”

John Wilson, Vice President 
Metro – Goldwyn Mayer Television Studios ( MGM )